We provide trusted solutions
to customer health and
wellbeing needs.

We provide trusted solutions to customer health and wellbeing needs.

NeutraPharma is committed to sourcing the best possible range of solutions in health and wellbeing diagnostics for our customers.

Our research team constantly searches the global marketplace for innovative ideas in the areas of in-vitro testing, pregnancy diagnostics and digital diagnostic technology, which we can bring to our customers to help enhance their wellbeing.

Pregnancy Diagnostics

In-Vitro Tests

Drink Spike Tests

Digital Diagnostics


What Our Clients Say

We appreciate the fact that NeutraPharma are easy to contact and I can just phone them to place an order at any time. They also provide honest advice on which tests are most suitable for our needs. If they say they are going to deliver, we know the goods will arrive and they communicate if there are any changes. If we have any issues with the tests, we can ask them to explain.

Donald Grogan, Owner,
Grogan´s Pharmacy, Dingle, Co. Kerry.
NeutraPharma are our main supplier for Saliva Rapid Antigen Tests. We are happy with their competitive prices, the quality of the devices and their reliable delivery. We appreciate the good customer service we get from them. They are also honest and upfront on whether they can fulfil specific orders or not.

Mark O Flaherty, Owner,
Strand Street Pharmacy, Skerries, Co. Dublin.
NeutraPharma supplies us with the easiest to use saliva tests for my customers, and this makes a huge difference. The science behind their tests is carefully studied before they recommend a product. I also like that they can guarantee an ongoing supply of the product for the duration I need it and I don't need to worry about the product not being available or being discontinued for no reason.
John McLaughlin, Owner,
McElligotts Pharmacy, Blarney, Co. Cork.

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