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Linktop Digital Otoscope

This digital otoscope from Linktop can be used by patients or doctors to examine ear and nasal cavities, oral cavity, throat and skin using a high-definition camera and LED shadowless lighting.

The device features non-inductive intelligent temperature control for patient comfort and safety, allowing data to be shared via a smart visual app.

Featuring a rechargeable lithium battery, a waterproof level of IP67 for improved hygiene and cleaning, and a magnetic induction smart switch for energy saving, this device offers an innovative and precise way to support patient health and wellbeing in a digital age. “Telehealth made simple”.

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Linktop Digital Stethoscope

Our partners at Linktop use the phrase “telehealth made simple” as a core element of their mission statement, and with this digital stethoscope they are certainly fulfilling this aspiration.

Stethoscopes have long been closely associated with the medical profession as a vital tool in their daily work. In our digital age, however, many medical practitioners are realising the benefits of leveraging technology to make their busy lives more efficient.

The digital stethoscope from Linktop allows for professional-level examination of heart and lungs by medics, or the transfer of digital recordings of heart and lung status by remote patients to their medical professional. This wireless digital stethoscope connects to a mobile device using Bluetooth technology, enabling the medic or patient to hear, record and share the vital data from heart or lung.

Given the huge workload experienced by doctors, and their reporting requirement, the Linktop digital stethoscope can support them in accurately and automatically capturing vital data, which can then be uploaded to many practice software platforms – freeing doctors up to see more patients, and allowing patients with limited physical access to doctors to enhance their health and wellbeing.

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