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About Check Your Drink - CYD

Extensive studies globally (EMCDDA, 2018) and more recently in Ireland (, 2023) have confirmed the disturbing increase in incidents of drink spiking, shedding light on both the prevalence and impact of this crime. A recent article in Irish publication Image Magazine, reported figures from the Minister for Justice showing a 9-fold increase in drink spiking between 2020 and 2022.

The survey on drink spiking (2023) revealed that 57% of respondents know someone who has been spiked in the past, with 54% of respondents reportedly being more afraid of their drinks being spiked now than they were five years ago. NeutraPharma are proud to provide a product to offer protection against this danger – CYD (Check Your Drink).   

CYD is a simple to use but highly effective drink spike test which detects, within seconds, the presence of widely used drink spiking drugs such as GHB and Ketamine.

CYD is widely available in pharmacies and online across Europe, and is sold in conveniently sized packs of 5 test strips.

CYD test

Using CYD to test for the presence of GHB, Ketamine and any drug containing an amine such as cocaine, MDMA and amphetamine, is very easy. Simply apply a drop of your drink to the pink and yellow areas of the test strip, then observe to see if either test paper changes colour to orange or blue. If the colour changes in this way, the drink is not safe and should not be consumed.


Drink spiking affects everybody, and can happen in both familiar and unfamiliar surroundings. Take steps to keep yourself safe when socialising- carry a pack of CYD drink spike tests, so that you can know that your drink is safe to drink, and carry on enjoying your night.

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